Treating Chronic Pain


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Osteosarcoma at advanced stages often leads to animals being euthanized for pain related issues. We at Veiove Animal Health are among the 80 million pet owners in the U.S. and we believe there are better options.


Pain shouldn’t be a life-threatening disease for your pet…

Benefits of our drug, SP-SAP:

  • Permanent relief from cancer pain
  • Single injectable dose
  • Already successfully tested in dogs

Drug Development Milestonesyoutube-logo

  • Otis Gets His Wag Back: video of SP-SAP treated patient with osteosarcoma
  • Brown DC, Agnello K. (2013) Intrathecal substance p-saporin in the dog: efficacy in bone cancer pain. Anesthesiology 119(5):1178-1185.
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  • FDA approves human clinical trials:

We are actively seeking a partner to help bring SP-SAP to the veterinary market. Talk to us today to see how you can help provide these furry patients a better quality of life.